Jane Pilskalnietis

School Program Manager

(905) 274-6222 ext. 309

Jane is a passionate educator who brings her environmental and outdoor education background and knowledge of child development and playwork to Ecosource.

Christina Casciaro

Environmental Educator

(905) 274-6222

Christina believes that youth education is essential in promptly addressing climate change.

Jacqueline Strait de Roy

Environmental Educator

(905) 274-6222

Jacqueline is passionate about spreading environmental stewardship through educational initiatives and community engagement.

Allison Covert

Field to Table Coordinator

(905) 274-6222 ext. 312

Coming from a long line of farmers, Allison has inherited a profound connection to the land and a deep appreciation for those who support the local food system.

Oriona Nibbs

School Program Coordinator

(905) 274-6222 ext. 313

Oriona enjoys working with communities and youth on environmental issues and climate action.  

Yanique McFarlane

Youth Education Coordinator

(905) 274-6222 ext. 310

Yanique believes that community engagement at a local level is incredibly important in conserving and protecting the natural environment.

Deven Sikand

Community Garden Program Lead

(905) 274-6222 ext. 314

Deven is passionate about rebuilding our connection to the natural world and cultivating healthy and resilient communities.

Deanna Hove

Field to Table Coordinator

(905) 274-6222 ext. 307

Deanna loves bringing people together over growing and preparing food.

Kat Gibson

Community Gardens Program Manager

(905) 274-6222 ext. 303

Kat is passionate about facilitating connection to self, community, and the natural world through the process of growing food, herbs and flowers.

Britt McKee

Executive Director

(905) 274-6222 ext. 304

Britt is passionate about environmental education and has extensive experience supporting innovative community development. She completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at York University and is an Ontario Certified Teacher.

Eninna Luli

Administrative and Communications Assistant

(905) 274-6222 ext. 300

Eninna loves applying her many skills, passion for sustainability, and experience working with others to creating a more environmentally responsible community.

Merissa Nudelman

Community Climate Hub Manager

(905) 274-6222 ext. 302

Merissa is dedicated to bringing people together around food. She has over a decade of experience developing hands-on cooking and nutrition education programs for youth, families and marginalized community members.

Monika Bianco

Community Food Systems Manager

(905) 274-6222 ext. 305

Monika loves working with diverse groups and galvanizing community building through grassroot food and education initiatives.