About Us

At Ecosource, we care about creating environmentally responsible communities

Ecosource is an innovative Ontario-based organization that inspires the community to become more environmentally responsible through creative public education. Our work began in Mississauga in 1979 and has expanded throughout the Region of Peel and beyond to promote waste reduction, urban agriculture, sustainability education, nature connection, and youth leadership. We are committed to engaging all members of our community in environmental education and actively work to provide inclusive programs that reflect the diversity of our community.

As leaders in grassroots environmental education in Peel, our staff work in schools and communities, delivering interactive learning experiences that emphasize our interdependence on one another and the environment. Ecosource engages tens of thousands of residents every year in environmental education, reaching new audiences and neighbourhoods across the Region of Peel.

About us - Waste Education

Our Vision

Everyone in our community cares about and takes personal action for the environment

Our Mission

Inspiring our community to be personally accountable for the environment through creative education

Our Values


We are committed to transparency and being accountable to the communities we serve. 


The ripple effects of our everyday actions can make a difference and we are hopeful for the future.


We believe addressing the complexities of climate change requires us to work together. 


We bring learning to life through evolving, innovative, and experiential activities.


We are determined to provide inclusive programs that reflect and engage the diverse communities we serve. 

Strategic Directions

Ecosource’s Strategic Plan 2024-27 was developed through consultation with our staff, Board of Directors, residents, partners, and funders.

Over the next 3 years, we aim to deepen our impact as a recognized leader in climate action through inclusive and creative education. This means being intentional about addressing systemic barriers to nature engagement, collaborating with the diverse communities we serve through meaningful and community-driven programming, and taking action toward reconciliation.

Our plan is guided by three action pathways:

To learn more about our vision and goals, read the full plan here.

Charitable Status

Ecosource is a registered Canadian charity (#11924 5645 RR0001) and all donations to us are tax deductible.