Worksheets and Assignments

Ecosource has developed division-specific lessons, worksheets and take-home assignments to inspire students to take personal action for the environment. Lesson slide decks are available in PDF form while worksheets and assignments can be printed or completed on a device.

Primary: Little Lifecycles

Lesson & Worksheet: Students will explore the fascinating lifecycles of living and non-living things and discover steps they can take to reduce waste and care for our environment.

Assignment: Spark students’ imagination by challenging them to create a visual representation of the lifecycle of a living thing with items found around their homes.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 1 Science and Technology: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
  • Grade 2 Science and Technology: Growth and Changes in Animals
  • Grade 3 Science and Technology: Growth and Changes in Plants
Junior: What About Waste?
Lesson & Worksheet: Students will discover the environmental impact of the waste we dispose and investigate how the 5 Rs for the environment can reduce what they send to landfill.

Assignment: Challenge your students to an at-home visual waste audit to see how their household can reduce and better sort their waste.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 4 Science and Technology: Habitats and Communities
  • Grade 5 Science and Technology: Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Grade 6 Science and Technology: Biodiversity

Download slide deck here.
Download worksheet & assignment here.

Intermediate: The Story of Food

Lesson & Worksheet: Students will explore the stages of a food system, identify the environmental impacts of their daily food choices, and understand the importance of local foods in an increasingly globalized world.

Assignment: Have students get creative with a local food menu blog post while incorporating their learning of the inputs, outputs and environmental impacts of food systems.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 7 Geography: Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability
  • Grade 8 Geography: Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability
  • Grade 9 Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems; Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity
  • Grade 10 Food and Nutrition

Download slide deck here.
Download worksheet & assignment here.

Senior: The Medium is The Message

Lesson & Worksheet: Students will delve into the impact of different environmental media as it relates to climate change and resource management by reflecting on how the medium helps or impedes its ability to achieve its goal.

Assignment: Have students create an impactful media piece (memes, cartoons, comics, paintings, posters, collage etc.) about an environmental issue. They will then present their piece in the form of a live presentation, gallery walk or small-group discussion.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Grade 11 English: Media Studies
  • Grade 11: Media Arts
  • Grade 12 English: Media Studies
  • Grade 12: Media Arts
  • Grade 12: Environment & Resource Management
  • Grade 12: World Issues – A Geographic Analysis

Download slide deck here.
Download worksheet & assignment here.

Ecosource is an Ontario-based organization that empowers the community to become more environmentally responsible through creative public education. Our Advanced Teacher Training program is generously supported by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and offers sustainability education opportunities for teachers in Ontario. Thank you to York University, our strategic partner, for collaboratively delivering this program.