Youth Active Transportation Campaign

Program Overview

Ecosource’s Youth Active Transportation Campaigns aimed to increase the number of youth using active transportation to move around the city. Through a variety of engaging in-school activities, promotion, competitions, and education, students were provided with the skills and motivation to lead healthier, more sustainable lives. Regular transportation audits monitored student progress throughout the campaign, giving participants direct feedback on how close they are to reaching their objectives.

Why is Youth Active Transportation important?

Current active transportation programming focuses on elementary schools, adults, or the public, leaving secondary students underserviced and unheard. This tremendous gap in active transportation outreach puts our youth at risk, considering that inactivity among secondary students continues to decline. In the past 25 years, the number of secondary school students using active transportation to get to school has decreased from 41% to 30% corresponding with an increase in those using a vehicle from 19% to 40% (Metrolinx). The sedentary lifestyle adopted by many youths is associated with health issues such as obesity, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and social isolation (ParticipACTION). Participating in active transportation not only improves the well-being of students during their time in secondary schools, but prepares them to lead healthy lives into adulthood.

Transportation method of secondary school students to and from school in 1986 and 2011.

Data obtained from Metrolinx.

Get Involved

For more information, please contact the project coordinator, Kelven Goodridge at or 905-274-6222 ext. 310.

The Youth Active Transportation Campaigns program is generously supported by the Province of Ontario through an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed grant.

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