Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges

Fully facilitated programs focused on youth leadership and making lasting change.

The Region of Peel’s Whole School Waste Reduction Challenge Program, delivered by Ecosource, offers school communities an opportunity to address waste reduction or diversion through hands-on learning and action.  This engaging program fosters critical thinking about waste issues and behaviour change in waste practices through student-led action.  Schools may choose from four challenge themes which target a school-specific waste issue. Each challenge is designed to inspire change in waste practices and study in classrooms, schools, and communities across Mississauga by creating awareness and action-based change amongst students, teachers, and administrators.

All elementary schools throughout Mississauga may choose from two challenge themes:

  • Recycle Right
  • Wasteless Lunch

Take action on important waste issues!

To learn more about the Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges, please download our program poster or call us at 905-274-6222 ext. 303. To register your school, please send a completed application form to challenges@ecosource.ca and we will get back to you shortly.