Staff and Board

Our Team

The successful community relationships we’ve built over the years are what continue to drive the hard work and dedication of our staff and board members.

    • Britt McKee

      Executive Director

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 304

      Britt is passionate about environmental education and has extensive experience supporting innovative community development. She completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies at York University and is an Ontario Certified Teacher. Since 2007, Britt has worked with diverse communities to promote environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and community engagement. Her experience includes multi-stakeholder municipal, regional, and national planning initiatives, including those related to urban agriculture, food security, green infrastructure, and active play. Britt is a member of the City of Mississauga’s Environmental Action Committee and serves as a board member of Green Communities Canada.

    • Eninna Luli

      Administrative and Communications Assistant

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 300

      Eninna loves applying her many skills, passion for sustainability, and experience working with others to creating a more environmentally responsible community. From her time volunteering at Evergreen Brick Works and Not Far from The Tree to her participation in the Youth Rain Action Project at Ecosource, Eninna has used her communications savvy and administration, IT, and graphic design skills to make her mark in the not-for-profit sector. Eninna’s passion for the Earth has also taken her further afield to several organic farms in Nice, France, as part of the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from York University (Glendon), a post-graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Fleming College, and enjoys cooking, gardening, and dancing.

    • Stephanie Rivera

      Sustainability Education Manager

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 309

      Stephanie believes that community collaboration is the key to building thriving and sustainable neighbourhoods. She believes in the restorative and re-energizing effects of nature engagement and is dedicated to supporting educators and families in fostering positive outdoor experiences through experiential learning. Stephanie focused her research on the study of psycholinguistics and child development while completing her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from York University, with a minor in French Studies. In her work as a community developer, she supported families in underserved neighbourhoods in Peel Region, providing them with mobile early learning programming and resources as well as fostering many community partnerships. Stephanie is excited to work with Ecosource’s team to support diverse communities in environmental initiatives and highlighting the importance of being in nature.

    • Kat Dervenis

      Environmental Education Youth Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 301

      Growing up in a mixed-race family and low-income neighbourhood, Kat realized at a young age that minority groups are disproportionately affected by environmental injustices. This sparked her interest in intersectional activism and bottom-up community action to achieve environmental justice. In 2019, Kat worked for an Indigenous-run non-profit in southern Belize where she collaborated with Mayan villages to create a cacao cooperative. She also supported Ecosource’s Local Food Team in 2020 at the Iceland Teaching Garden. Kat is currently completing a master's degree in Geography. Her research focuses on the power of collaboration and the co-production of knowledge between community organizations in southern Ontario and academic institutions as it relates to agroecosystems research. Kat bridges her values and experiences in her role and grows alongside her colleagues and the youth she supports.

    • Satpreet Dhillon

      Environmental Education Youth Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 311

      Satpreet is incredibly passionate about education, social justice, and empowering youth. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Graduate degree in Education from Queen’s University, where she focused on science-based education for diverse audiences and education leadership. Satpreet strongly believes that the key that empowers youth for a better future is education, which should be equally accessible for all. Thus, in 2018, Satpreet spent a year travelling to remote Indigenous communities in Canada where she designed and delivered Earth and environmental science-based workshops to students and teachers, while trying to reduce the education gap across the country. Satpreet uses her knowledge and enthusiasm to support the youth participants in the Youth in Action program.

    • Danielle Pazdzior

      Peel Environmental Youth Alliance Facilitator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 306

      Danielle is dedicated to engaging community members in working towards local environmental action. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University, where her studies in Life Sciences allowed her to explore topics on Conservation Biology and Sustainability. Taking part in her school’s co-op program, Danielle realized her passion for environmental education during her internship as a Waste Reduction Educator at the Region of Peel. After graduating, Danielle joined the Ecosource team, supporting in several projects pertaining to local food security and environmental outreach. With years of experience in mentoring youth and her love of all things green, Danielle is thrilled to inspire climate action in her role as the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance Facilitator at Ecosource.

    • Merissa Nudelman

      Local Food Manager

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 302

      Merissa is dedicated to bringing people together around food. She has over a decade of experience developing hands-on cooking and nutrition education programs for youth, families and marginalized community members. Her interest for improving access to healthy foods rose while pursuing a degree in Community Nutrition from McGill University. Since then, she has developed several community-based food programs to engage people of diverse backgrounds in sharing their knowledge and skills around food. During her time leading the Boîte à Lunch program, she facilitated community kitchens to develop the cooking skills and nutrition knowledge of thousands of children, youth, and newcomer families each year. This experience taught her about the powerful effect that food has in bringing a community together. Merissa is excited to be working with the Ecosource team to explore food systems through urban agriculture initiatives.

    • Monika Bianco

      Community Food Systems Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 305

      Monika loves working with diverse groups and galvanizing community building through grassroot food and education initiatives. She is an avid traveller who has partaken in international food systems projects including farming in the boonies of Australia, volunteering on a permaculture project in the Bulgarian mountains, studying urban agriculture in the colourful streets of Havana, and working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Costa Rica. She believes in celebrating culture through her passions for food, dance, and handcrafting. Monika holds a master's degree from the United Nations University for Peace with a specialization in Sustainable Food Systems. She has also assisted in the development of community gardens and farmers’ markets in Canada and Costa Rica in order to increase access to healthy food and economic opportunities for small farming cooperatives.

    • Justine Geroche

      Urban Agriculture Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 314

      Justine holds a master’s degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex where she focused her research on environmental justice. She is particularly passionate about intersectional activism and is working toward an anti-oppressive food system. Justine has an array of experience working with food, farming, and environmental education in the community. She has previously supported Ecosource in field-to-table education, urban agriculture, and sustainability action projects. In her spare time, Justine enjoys cooking earth-friendly foods, creative mindfulness, and visiting farmers' markets.

    • Kat Gibson

      Community Gardens Program Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 303

      Kat is passionate about facilitating connection to self, community, and the natural world through the process of growing food. She honors food as medicine and sees food and nature connection as catalysts for learning, healing, vitality, and joy. She holds a Master of Education from University of Toronto with a focus on community food security and transformative learning. She is an urban farmer with nine years of growing experience, a project coordinator, as well as a restorative yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Her interest in growing food was sparked while working on a community project in Grenada, West Indies and she has been growing food since she returned home in 2009. She spent two growing seasons coordinating and farming with The Cutting Veg Farm followed by a season at Everdale Farm. Throughout 2014, she developed a local-food purchasing policy for SickKids hospital while starting a small farm business, Lady Gaia, at Fresh City Farms, followed by a two-year contract as a project coordinator at South Riverdale Community Health Centre. She is currently studying medicinal herbs and is excited to share that with community.

    • Deanna Hove

      Field to Table Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 307

      Deanna loves bringing people together over growing and preparing food. She holds a Master in Urban and International Development at University of Toronto where she focused her studies on food security, creation care, and using urban agriculture to build a sense of community. She has worked with A Rocha Canada to develop an Earth to Table program, in partnership with Hamilton Victory Gardens. This program successfully engaged newcomers in gardening and cooking workshops. Deanna has managed the rooftop garden at Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre while bringing volunteers and community members together to grow and prepare food for the centre’s social enterprise café. She is excited to work in Peel region to foster food literacy, accessibility, and excitement around local food.

    • Arielle Navarra

      Waste Reduction Manager

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 310

      Arielle loves to inspire others to take action in living low-waste lifestyles and consuming consciously. Having participated in Ecosource’s programs as a child, Arielle understands the importance of providing accessible environmental education to groups of all ages to share how we can live meaningfully within the limits of what the earth can provide. In addition to completing her Master of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto, Arielle has years of experience in community outreach, research, environmental course instruction, coordinating environmental education events, and creating and delivering waste reduction education programs. Arielle is dedicated to bringing her experience to Ecosource to encourage waste reduction in homes, schools, and our communities at large. Arielle is also a musician, artist, and enjoys researching innovative ways to go zero waste.

    • Taylor Hardacre

      Waste Reduction Educator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 308

      Growing up in Ontario’s rural countryside, Taylor became very passionate about environmental awareness and conservation at a young age. This passion has grown into a dedication to engage people of all ages in environmental stewardship and to get them thinking about what it means to be environmentally responsible. Taylor completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto with a double major in Conservation Biology and Human & Physical Geography. She then went on to complete her Master of Environmental Science with a focus on Conservation biology, during which time she began developing her career in Environmental Education as a Teaching Assistant. Over the past few years, she has been working and volunteering with a variety of non-profit organizations in areas such as environmental stewardship and education. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys finding new natural areas to go hiking, canoeing and bird watching.

    • Adrienne Parsons

      Waste Reduction Coordinator

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 312

      Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from McMaster University. After her studies she volunteered abroad in Ocean Conservation and Research where she discovered her passion for Environmental Education. Upon returning from her travels she enrolled in Fleming College and obtained a post-graduate diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology. Adrienne takes a holistic approach to the management of human activity within ecosystems. She has worked with various community outreach events to raise awareness of environmental protection, waste management, and environmental justice. She has worked in remote communities including Mushkegowuk Territory in Moose River, Ontario. In her spare time Adrienne enjoys camping and hiking with her four-legged companion.

    • Shrey Savale

      Waste Educator and Administrative Assistant

      (905) 274-6222 ext. 313

      Shrey developed a connection to nature at an early age and gained a passion for education while completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo. He received his Bachelor of Environmental Studies in the Environment, Resources & Sustainability program and is planning to complete his Master’s in Social and Ecological Sustainability. An avid gardener, Shrey is working to re-localize the food system through the establishment of community garden programs and promote environmental stewardship through education on low-waste sustainable lifestyles. He has worked with residents in the Region of Peel as a community garden coordinator and as a sustainability and waste reduction educator. Shrey believes that environmentalism starts locally and when we help each other in our community, we help the world.

    • Hazel McCallion

      Honourary Chair

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