Go Green in 2019 With Ecosource!

 Make Waste Reduction Your New Year’s Resolution!

Do you want your students to learn how to sort their waste properly? Are you interested in helping them understand the lifecycle of everyday products and where they end up? Would you like to challenge everyone in your school to reduce the waste they make?

You can learn all this and more through the Region of Peel’s Waste Reduction Workshops and Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges, delivered by Ecosource to schools in Mississauga. These programs are fun and empower students to make their daily lives more sustainable.

In-class Workshops offer students the opportunity to learn about waste issues through hands-on activities. We focus on giving students simple, actionable solutions to reduce their environmental impact. Ecosource provides Workshops to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Mississauga, including ESL and accessible programs.

Whole school Challenges are designed to address a specific waste issue facing your school and empower students to be environmental leaders. This program creates long-lasting change in behavior through action-oriented education. Ecosource offers whole school Challenges to elementary and middle schools in Mississauga.

To learn more or book the Waste Reduction Workshops, visit https://ecosource.ca/waste-reduction-workshops/ or contact us at workshops@ecosource.ca . To learn more or book Whole School Waste Reduction Challenges, visit https://ecosource.ca/waste-reduction-challenges/ or contact us at challenges@ecosource.ca.

 The Good Food Machine is Coming to Peel!

Learning how to grow food empowers youth with the tools and knowledge they need to create healthy eating habits for life. That’s why Ecosource is excited to announce its recent partnership with LoyaltyOne and their Good Food Machine program. In just two years, this innovative school food literacy program is helping over 20,000 youth learn about healthy food and change their eating habits for the better. This year, Ecosource and LoyaltyOne will be bringing the program to schools across Peel.

Selected schools will receive free Good Food Machine kits, donated by LoyaltyOne. Each Good Food Machine kit includes two tower gardens and supplies, curriculum-linked growing and learning guides, an induction burner, aprons and ongoing training and workshops. Students will learn how to grow and cook healthy food and share what they’ve learned with their community.

Interested in getting your school involved? Contact Rav Singh at rsingh@ecosource.ca. Spots are limited for 2019. More information about the Good Food Machine can be found here.

Visit our Gardens This Spring!

Are you looking out your classroom window longing for warmer weather? Start planning fun, outdoor activities for your students this spring by booking a field trip to one of Ecosource’s community gardens. These free, hands-on visits are curriculum-linked and can be customized to meet your needs. Students will learn about local food systems, help grow vegetables for food banks, and give back to their community through our garden programs. Learn more about our field trips here https://ecosource.ca/school-workshops-and-garden-trips/. To register, contact getgrowing@ecosource.ca or call 905-274-6222 ext. 303.

 Show Your Love for the Environment This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to make eco-friendly choices as you enjoy this special day with your loved ones. Check out the list below of things you can do this holiday while also taking care of our planet.

Get Outdoors: Plan an outing in nature to celebrate. Try a nature walk, picnic, or ice skate – just enjoy the outdoors together!
Organic Treats: This year, instead of buying chocolates or other goodies, get organic with your baking and make home-made sweets for that special someone. The extra effort will surely be appreciated by your valentine.
Eat Local: Going out to dinner? Try a restaurant that is known for its locally sourced food. Making dinner at home? Buy fresh ingredients that are grown by local producers.
Give a Potted Plant: Avoid the short lifespan of a cut flower and purchase a potted plant that can be enjoyed much longer. This also helps reduce the amount of paper and plastic used for wrapping flower arrangements.
Send E-Cards or Make Your Own: Send e-cards using various apps or make your own cards with recyclable materials. This will prevent cards from ending up in the landfill.

Events in Your Community

Mississauga Beekeeping Association monthly meeting (February 5th)
If you have ever wondered, “What’s so special about bees? How can I make a difference? Can I have bees in the city? How do I become a beekeeper? What is ethical beekeeping?”, then come to Studio. 89 and learn about bees and their importance on the environment. The Mississauga Beekeeping Association meets every Tuesday of each month.

The Making of Mississauga (February 7th)
Hosted by Friends of Hancock Woodlands at St. Hilary’s Anglican Church, learn about Mississauga’s heritage and history in this informative talk by Heritage Mississauga’s Matthew Wilkinson. Register at  friendsofhancockwoodlands@gmail.com.

Green Drinks Mississauga – Sea of Life (February 12th)
Are you curious about the health of our oceans and what is being done to help? Hosted at Studio.89, Green Drinks Mississauga presents Julia Barns discussing her documentary Sea of Life, a film about how our oceans’ ecosystems are being destroyed.

Snowshoes and Snow Clues Family Day (February 18th)
What better way to discover the secrets of winter animals by following their tracks? This Family Day, come to the Caledon East Community Centre where families will be provided with free snow shoes to explore the wonders of the forests.