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About Dig Into Play

Ecosource’s Dig Into Play project offers active, nature-based play sessions in highly-urbanized areas in the Region of Peel. The project re-imagines local green spaces, especially community gardens, as play spaces by drawing on evidence that children’s gardens encourage more natural and dynamic play than traditional playgrounds with manufactured equipment.

A typographic illustration using a bright and playful font containing the words: Sensory Exploration, Cognitive Exploration, Self-Directed Play, Physical Exertion, Free Choice, Manipulation, Self- Expression, Construction, and Pretending.
Three little girls aged about eight years old are crouching in a garden area, using tools to mix herbs and flora inside tea kettles.

About Ecosource

Ecosource is an Ontario-based, non-profit organization with the goal of moving the community toward environmental responsibility through public education. Our vision is to impact public attitudes and perceptions about environmental issues and inspire action that contributes to the viability of the planet.

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Thank You

Ecosource's Dig into Play project is generously supported by the Lawson Foundation as part of their Outdoor Play Strategy. The Outdoor Play Strategy aims to increase children's opportunities for self-directed play outdoors in all settings - at home, in school, in child care, the community and nature. The Strategy brings together a diverse but complementary group of organizations and projects to expand children's opportunities for outdoor play.

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Lawson Foundation
Outdoor Play Strategy


Dig Into Play Project

Two children are outdoors, wearing jackets with hoods, seated on top of a blue tarp playing with a paper tube and hand shovels.

Build Your Own Nature Play Space

Looking to incorporate more nature-based activities in your learning environment? Now you can design and plan your own nature playspace with our interactive tool!

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Get In Touch With Us!

Have a great idea for a new community garden project? Looking for ways to make your school more environmentally friendly? Interested in volunteering or making a unique donation? We'd love to hear from you!