Travelling the Credit

Stories about Land, Water and Food Stewardship

Program Overview

“Travelling the Credit” is an exciting program being offered by Ecosource between June and October of 2017 for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth between the ages of 12 and 24. With the Credit River as a focal point, we will explore environmental stewardship alongside history and culture through a series of hands-on workshops led by Indigenous elders and traditional knowledge holders. To celebrate at the end of the workshop series, youth will plant a new community garden and lead walking and cycling tours of the Credit River to share their learnings with the community. The tours will be recorded as podcasts and uploaded to a digital map for online access.

A class of students from Holy Name of Mary College School gather for the City of Mississauga’s Earth Days Kick-off. The event was Ecosource’s first public announcement of “Travelling the Credit” program and highlighted a talk by educator, consultant, and Traditional Practitioner, Nancy Rowe, about the significance of water and the role of young women in stewardship.

Program Purpose

“Travelling the Credit” bridges Ecosource’s main programming areas including sustainability, local food, water conservation and youth-adult partnerships. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, Ecosource is focusing on local environmental stewardship while contributing to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  “Travelling the Credit” centres Indigenous voices and perspectives, while increasing awareness of Indigenous history, and recognition of Indigenous peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions. The program also aims to build capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect.
Through this program, Ecosource hopes to empower the next generation of environmental stewards by:
– Engaging youth in dialogue about the history and environmental significance of the Credit River
– Providing leadership opportunities for youth to contribute to stewardship and reconciliation
– Providing a safe space for relationship building in the community

Program Schedule (Tentative)

• Youth Co-Led Collaborative Program Planning

Workshop 1: Nature Walk, Local Ecology, and Plant Pressing Part 1 (July 7th)
Workshop 1: Nature Walk, Local Ecology, and Plant Pressing Part 2 (July 8th)
Workshop 2: Watersheds, Restoration, and Climate Change (July 16th)
Workshop 3: The Credit River and New Credit First Nation (July 19th)
Workshop 4: Medicine Walk on the Credit River (July 23rd)

Workshop 5: Water and the Role of Youth (August 8th)
Workshop 6: Canoe Building and Storytelling (August 12th)
Workshop 7: Traditional Food and Indigenous Food Sovereignty (August 17th)
Workshop 8: Metis Traditional Harvesting and Canoe on the Credit (August 19th)
Workshop 9: Civic Engagement, Community Planning, and the Credit Valley Trail (Date TBA)

• Youth-led Tours + Podcast Creation
• Reconciliation Garden Design
• Sept 25: Great Lakes Water Walk

• Reconciliation Garden Installation

• Present Project Video at Ecosource’s Green Change Champion Awards

Public Tours Schedule

Contact Information

To request more information or sign up, please contact Program Coordinator Sarah Bale at or (905) 274-6222 ext. 314

Indigenous Environmental Consultant, Kathleen Ryan describes the history of the Credit River and Indigenous Peoples of the region to girls from Holy Name of Mary College School at Erindale Park.

Program Funders

“Travelling the Credit” is generously supported by the Province of Ontario through the Ontario150 program. Le programme, “Travelling the Credit” est possible grâce au soutien de la province de l’Ontario, par le biais du programme Ontario150.