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Our Team

The successful community relationships we’ve built over the years are what continue to drive the hard work and dedication of our staff and board members.

    • Andrea Dawber

      Executive Director (Acting)
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 300

      Andrea Dawber has 25 years’ experience working in the not-for-profit, environmental, and arts sectors. As executive director of GreenHere for 10 years, Andrea has spearheaded greening and reforestation initiatives in several Toronto neighbourhoods, overseeing $2.5 million in public space improvements. In total, GreenHere projects increased local trees density by 30% and enhanced the genetic and species composition of the urban forest. In January 2017, Andrea joined Ecosource as Manager of School Waste Programs. Soon after, in June 2017, she became acting executive director, stepping in for Stephanie Crocker, who left on her second maternity leave. Currently, Andrea is applying her passion for reducing waste to developing the Ecosource Zero Waste workplace policy and implementation strategy with the support of other Ecosource staff, just as the Ontario government rolls out the Waste-Free Ontario Act.

    • Eninna Luli

      Administrative and Communications Assistant
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 301

      Eninna loves applying her many skills, passion for sustainability, and experience working with others to creating a more environmentally responsible community. From her time volunteering at Evergreen Brick Works and Not Far from The Tree to her participation in the Youth Rain Action Project at Ecosource, Eninna has used her communications savvy and administration, IT, and graphic design skills to make her mark in the not-for-profit environmental sector. Eninna’s passion for the Earth has also taken her further afield to several organic farms in Nice, France, as part of the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from York University (Glendon), a post-graduate certificate in geographic information systems from Fleming College, and enjoys cooking, gardening, dancing, and food art.

    • Kelven Goodridge

      Sustainability Education Centre Manager
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 308

      A seasoned educator, entrepreneur, and advocate on both sides of the Canada–US border, Kelven has been fortunate to reside at the crossroads of program management and sustainability for over 15 years. In June 2016, after 8 years as the founder and president of the green infrastructure social enterprise verticiel Inc., Kelven joined the Ecosource team. A lover of learning, Kelven is delighted to work with his colleagues on Ecosource’s burgeoning sustainability education, play, and youth action/leadership projects. When not in the office, Kelven is plotting which Ontario waterway or beach to visit next.

    • Sophia Dungan

      Sustainability Education and Play Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 314

      Sophia believes that human and environmental health are deeply connected and strives to connect individuals of all ages to meaningful experiences in nature. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto and her Master in Environmental Studies at York University, with a focus on the relationships between children’s access to nature, mental health and well-being, and green school grounds initiatives. As a seasoned outdoor educator, Sophia is experienced with getting kids out into nature to learn about their local environments and has observed how powerful it can be for them to play and explore outside. She has completed a certificate in Horticultural Therapy from the Toronto Botanical Garden and has worked with many urban agriculture projects in the Toronto area.

    • Emily Dutton

      Youth Active Transportation Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 314

      Emily is an ecologist who loves to stay active and be outdoors. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at the University of Ottawa and a Master of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, Emily transitioned into education, where her passion for science was reignited. She has three years of experience as an educator, working with people of all ages to build lasting connections with nature. Emily also gained experience facilitating youth engagement projects in 2016 as the coordinator for Ecosource’s Youth Rain Action Project. As a curiosity-driven researcher, Emily is always ready to learn something new and share her findings with those around her. In her spare time, she loves to look at insects, especially those found in rivers and streams. She is glad to be a part of the Ecosource team as she develops a pilot project that offers active transportation campaigns to secondary school students.

    • Susana Goncalves

      Youth Program Facilitator
      (905) 274-6222

      Susana loves working with youth! She believes that youth have power to create change in their communities, and strives to help guide youth in their action and participation in environmental matters. She is a strong advocate for outdoor education and experiential learning. Susana has been involved in environmental stewardship and education activities in Peel Region throughout her life. Before coming to Ecosource, Susana worked as a Crew Leader for Credit Valley Conservation’s CYC program where she grew her passion for working with youth. Susana has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University. Susana coordinates the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) program at Ecosource and assists the PEYA Executive Council in planning events. She is excited to help equip youth with the knowledge they need to become environmental stewards within their own communities and schools. In her spare time, you can find Susana hiking along Ontario’s beautiful trails, traveling the world, playing soccer, practicing yoga, or cooking delicious plant-based foods.

    • Coreen Jones

      Garden Programs and Education Manager (Maternity Leave)

      Coreen is passionate about environmental and food education and has been working in the sector for over 5 years. She understands that good food can help spark interesting conversation, enthusiastic storytelling, community connection, and social change. Through creative and experiential education and relationship building across diverse groups, Coreen has been committed to advancing food system change. Coreen completed the Master’s in Environmental Studies program at York University, where she studied environmental education, environmental justice, and community engagement. From there, she attended teacher’s college to become a high school teacher who was keen to incorporate environmental education and social justice into all subject areas. As an Ontario Certified Teacher and Sustainability Action Coordinator with Ecosource, Coreen is working with diverse communities and schools to promote active participation in our social and physical environments to create change. Coreen also coordinates Ecosource’s Teacher Education program, building capacity among teachers across the GTA to educate for sustainability.

    • Britt McKee

      Garden Programs and Education Manager
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 312

      Britt is passionate about environmental education and has over 6 years’ experience in innovative community development and project management. She completed a Master in Environmental Studies degree at York University with a focus on the social and environmental determinants of adolescent health. As an Ontario Certified Teacher, Britt has worked with diverse youth to promote environmental citizenship and sustainable development, urban agriculture and local food, healthy living and physical fitness, and social justice and community engagement. Britt brings a background in community-based participatory research and effective program evaluation to her work with Ecosource. Her project management experience includes multi-stakeholder national, regional, and municipal planning initiatives, including those related to green infrastructure, food security, and active play. Britt is a member of Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy’s Food Security Taskforce and the Peel Agricultural Advisory Working Group, and serves as a board member of Green Communities Canada.

    • Kat Gibson

      Community Gardens Program Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 309

      Kat is passionate about facilitating connection to self, community, and the natural world through the process of growing food. She honors food as medicine and sees food and nature connection as catalysts for learning, healing, vitality, and joy. She holds a Master of Education from University of Toronto with a focus on community food security and transformative learning. She is an urban farmer with nine years of growing experience, a project coordinator, as well as a restorative yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Her interest in growing food was sparked while working on a community project in Grenada, West Indies and she has been growing food since she returned home in 2009. She spent two growing seasons coordinating and farming with The Cutting Veg Farm followed by a season at Everdale Farm. Throughout 2014, she developed a local-food purchasing policy for SickKids hospital while starting a small farm business, Lady Gaia, at Fresh City Farms, followed by a two-year contract as a project coordinator at South Riverdale Community Health Centre. She is currently studying medicinal herbs and is excited to share that with community.

    • Laura Penney

      Gardens Recreation Program Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222

      Laura is interested in sustainable community development, food, and environmental issues. She grew to love gardening through volunteering and working on organic farms in Canada, Kenya, and Ghana and graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts in International Development. In her spare time Laura enjoys experimenting in the garden and the kitchen, from testing potato towers and making compost tea and tempeh to trying new recipes. As the lead for the new seniors’ gardening program at Ecosource, she is excited to share her passion for growing food, playing in a garden, and learning from others.

    • Stephanie Rivera

      Garden Play Educator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 314

      Stephanie believes in children’s right to play! She is a bilingual early learning educator who has been actively working within the Ontario Early Years framework for over 3 years. Stephanie focused her research on the study of psycholinguistics and child development while completing her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from York University, with a minor in French Studies. In her work as a community developer, she supported families in underserviced neighbourhoods in the Region of Peel, providing them with mobile early learning programming and resources and fostering many community partnerships. Stephanie continuously develops her knowledge in outdoor play and play work and is a trained Francophone Family Literacy Program facilitator. She is dedicated to connecting children meaningfully to the natural world through creative and engaging programming.

    • Rav Singh

      Urban Agriculture Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 311

      Rav is passionate about empowering communities to engage in their local food systems. She is interested in exploring the relationship between food and aspects of urban society, including urban food security, food justice, and sustainable urban planning. This passion stems from Rav’s hands-on volunteer experience at food banks in Mississippi, where she saw how food was used as a tool to build strong, resilient communities. Rav holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph. She has completed a CRAFT internship at a certified organic CSA farm in Guelph and an international agriculture internship in Costa Rica with CATIE. In her free time, Rav acts as the communications lead for the Food Secure Canada Youth Caucus. She also enjoys spending time in the studio practicing ballet, jamming on the piano, writing poetry, and drawing.

    • Emily Kunz Purser

      School Waste Programs Manager
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 305

      Emily is an environmental educator passionate about waste management, sustainability, and inclusive education for all students. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher who holds both a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Honours Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. Emily has worked in private and public waste management sectors, including the Region of Waterloo and Cascades Recovery Inc., and offers a diverse background of environmental program management and teaching expertise. She loves all things related to waste reduction and strives to deliver experiential and engaging programs that encourage all participants to become global citizens dedicated to a sustainable future.

    • Vandita Marwah

      Waste Reduction Campaigns Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 304

      Vandita is an environmental scientist with a background in conservation science. She has developed a passion for education over the years and enjoys engaging students in conversation about waste management, sustainability, and the importance of habitat conservation. She hopes to inspire students to learn and think about the environment and to do what’s in their power to protect it. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science and a Master of Environmental Science from the University of Toronto. Vandita loves animals of all kinds, and has a great time exploring, hiking, and learning about the natural world and its many ecosystems.

    • Zahra Moosajee

      Waste Reduction Educator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 302

      Zahra’s interest in enacting social change inspired her to pursue a career in education. Coming from a background where education was a privilege, she learned early on what a life-changing, liberating, and empowering process education can be. Zahra believes education should be accessible to all people regardless of age, ethnicity, and ability. After completing a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in English Literature, History, and Geography, Zahra completed her Master of Teaching degree. As a lifelong learner, she completed additional qualifications in English as a Second Language, and Special Education. Zahra is passionate about environmental advocacy and teaching young people how to care for our planet, its people, and the creatures that reside on it. Zahra is a self-taught artist and loves drawing with henna, as well as cooking and eating delicious foods.

    • Arielle Navarra

      Waste Reduction Campaigns Coordinator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 306

      Arielle completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Geography at McMaster University and her Master of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to fostering positive environmental and social change through early sustainability education and outreach. This passion stems from her years as a university teaching assistant and from volunteering for several environmental and humanitarian causes. Arielle is committed to inspiring others to take action and consume consciously to reduce their negative environmental and social impacts. She hopes that by raising environmental awareness she will encourage proper waste management and waste reduction within households, schools, and businesses. Arielle is also a proud vegetarian, an avid cyclist, and a musician.

    • Adrienne Parsons

      Waste Reduction Educator
      (905) 274-6222 ext. 303

      Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from McMaster University. After her studies she volunteered abroad in Ocean Conservation and Research where she discovered her passion for Environmental Education. Upon returning from her travels she enrolled in Fleming College and obtained a post-graduate diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology. Adrienne takes a holistic approach to the management of human activity within ecosystems. She has worked with various community outreach events to raise awareness of environmental protection, waste management, and environmental justice. She has worked in remote communities including Mushkegowuk Territory in Moose River, Ontario. In her spare time Adrienne enjoys camping and hiking with her four-legged companion.

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