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Ecosource Corporate Engagement Program 

Join Ecosource in the Gardens

Ecosource works to increase access to fresh, healthy food for communities in need, and build the food growing capacity of Mississauga residents through hands-on education. Our Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture program support community engagement, food growing education, and food access to neighbourhoods across the City of Mississauga.

 Ecosource’s Engagement Programs

  • Provide excellent team-building experiences
  • Educate participants about organic food, biodiversity, health and sustainable ecosystems
  • Promote sustainable thinking and waste reduction skills to take home & back to the office
  • Are fun, active, social half-day or full-day events
  • Engage and support local communities
  • Improve neighborhoods and bring beauty to our public spaces
  • Increase corporate profile and provide opportunities for media recognition

2018 CALENDAR for Corporate Volunteering with Ecosource

A variety of outdoor projects and tasks are available for corporate teams from April through to November each year.


Join Ecosource this spring in the gardens and learn about sustainable food growing strategies.

This spring activities may include:

  • Turning over last year’s crops and preparing beds with compost
  • Mulching garden pathways
  • Planting early season crops
  • Creating community garden signage or art, beautifying garden spaces
  • Building raised beds for a new community garden project


Join Ecosource this summer in maintaining the community gardens, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a tasting tour of the garden’s in-season vegetables and fruits and prepare a fresh snack from the garden.

This summer activities may include:

  • Planting summer crops
  • Harvesting garlic and learning about its unique and long life cycle
  • Assisting Ecosource’s community programs with children and youth
  • Weeding and maintaining garden beds
  • Harvesting and delivering fresh veggies to Ecosource’s local food bank partners


Join Ecosource this autumn and prepare the gardens for winter.  This fall, corporate teams will be planting garlic, harvesting fall vegetables like pumpkin and squash and practicing sustainable soil management techniques to increase soil health and fertility to ensure best start to the season next spring.

This fall, activities may include:

  • Learning about cover crops and helping Ecosource “close up” beds for the season.
  • Harvesting and delivering fresh veggies to Ecosource’s local food bank partners
  • Building raised garden beds for a new or renovated community garden project

Toronto Pearson Supports The Iceland Teaching Garden

Greater Toronto Airport Authority HR Team at Iceland Teaching Garden

Staff from the Greater Toronto Airports Authority recently volunteered their time in the Iceland Teaching Garden. The Human Resources & Corporate Services Departments said, “It was a truly rewarding experience to embrace the challenging work and come together to realize the impact that a small Toronto Pearson team can make in the community in just a few short hours. The team is looking forward to going back in the spring!”

Through Toronto Pearson’s community investment program, Propellor Project, Toronto Pearson is also a sponsor of the Applewood Cultivators Initiative, a 12-month project that will promote garden-based training and employment opportunities for young adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Ecosource recommends donations for Corporate Engagement activities and normally a minimum of ten participants for each volunteering event.  Charitable tax receipts are available to all corporate and individual donors.

THANK YOU for volunteering and your financial contributions, which directly support the following program goals:paint

  • Create more food growing spaces for families across Mississauga to grow their own food
  • Improve accessibility to residents of all abilities, enabling more to participate in and enjoy garden spaces
  • Engage 200+ children and youth in FREE recreational garden programming each summer
  • Enhance garden access by providing shared storage for garden tools
  • Contribute to greater fresh food access through donations of 1,700+ pounds of garden produce each year to local food banks
  • Connect Mississauga residents to their local environment through neighborhood community gardens, and contribute to healthy communities and healthy ecosystem

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